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Nov 26 2021

Nuns Gone Negative: A Lurid Story of a Lesbian Nun Gender Gang

In the summer of 1859, a hopeless nun in the Roman convent of Sant’Ambrogio sent a page to the woman kinsman, a bishop when you look at the Vatican. She pleaded with your to rescue the lady, claiming that she was the target of numerous poisonings and was in mortal threat. Whenever the girl relative the bishop answered the lady name and attained Sant’Ambrogio, he guaranteed to save this lady and very quickly sent on that promise. From his estate in Tivoli, the relieved but traumatized Katharina von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen started to write a denunciation of this lady one-time siblings back in Rome. It had been an accusation most lurid than nearly any popular anti-clerical satire, full of intimate transgressions, heretical practices and homicidal strategies. Furthermore, your situation resistant to the convent of Sant’Ambrogio have tendrils that mounted doing the greatest achieves regarding the Church and entwined across big Catholic controversies of the day.

Hubert Wolf’s “The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio” supplies a learned yet fascinating levels of this experience — little known since the Vatican stored most of the uncomfortable information in-house, a policy it might use when dealing with sexual-abuse scandals 100 years afterwards. Actually, the Sant’Ambrogio case was actually it self a sex-abuse scandal, although that part, nevertheless sensational, wasn’t necessarily the Church’s major focus.

Katharina, a Hohenzollern princess, belonged to one from the big royal Germanic dynasties, which include the Hapsburgs.

(Her grandchild ended up being the king of Portugal.) Twice-widowed and sickly, she joined the convent inside her later part of the 30s, getting a “a place of cloistered peace and holy order” for which to call home a contemplative existence, although she also nurtured the desire establishing an order of her very own. Read more »